Muruz Stay Inn, Nilgiris

A tranquil haven nestled in the heart of the Nilgiris. Our retreat offers a unique blend of luxury and natural splendor, accommodating up to 60 guests amidst lush greenery. Each room provides a breathtaking view of the serene landscape, ensuring a restful stay amid modern amenities. With our attentive staff dedicated to curating a memorable experience, immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Nilgiris. Conveniently located near Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, embark on adventures to discover diverse flora and fauna, including Chandanamalai Temple, Needle Rock Viewpoint, and Paykkara Boating, all within easy reach. Book your stay at Muruz Stay Inn and embrace the harmonious blend of luxury and nature for an unforgettable Nilgiris retreat.




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Our well-appointed rooms at Muruz Stay Inn offer a serene sanctuary amidst the breathtaking landscape of the Nilgiris. Each accommodation is carefully designed to blend modern comfort with natural elegance, providing a tranquil escape for our guests. With sweeping views of lush greenery and the surrounding terrain, wake up to a picturesque setting that invites you to relax and unwind. Our spacious rooms ensure a restful stay, offering a perfect blend of luxury and nature's serenity. Experience comfort and tranquility like never before during your stay with us.


A Pleasant Heaven on Earth

Muruz Stay Inn Where nature's serenity intertwines with luxurious comfort, offering a serene haven that feels like a pleasant heaven on earth, promising an unforgettable escape amidst the Nilgiris' beauty.

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Attractions in and around

Explore captivating wildlife at Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and savor stunning vistas from Needle Rock Viewpoint, just moments away from Muruz Stay Inn in the heart of Nilgiris, offering easy access to diverse flora, fauna, and scenic wonders for an enriching experience.

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